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Your Health Comes First

BrookLane is currently accepting new patients, as well as offering general walk-in services. We are a private only clinic and unfortunately do not accept medical cards nor doctor visit cards.

We are a proud member of the Bandon/Macroom MERIT response and offer out of hours services in keeping with our urgent care facility.



Consultation €60

ECG  €25

ECG and Doctor €90

Family consultation 2 persons €90

Family consultation 3 persons €120

24 hour Blood pressure  €75

Spirometry €60 + consultation €80

Repeat scripts  €20 (allow 24 hours to process)

Forms and letters  €20, if consultation required  €60

Driver's licence  €50

Follow up consultation €40 (*follow up consult is considered to be within 7 days of the first)

Minor surgical procedures, depends on procedure (inquire for full list of procedures)

Home visits are available during and after normal working hours, consult doctor for pricing.


Ear syringing 
Cardiac holter monitor for arrhythmias and palpitations 
Sleep apnea assessment 
STI screening 
Medical assessment for legal and insurance matters 
Spirometry and lung function assessment, asthma diagnosing 
Influenza vaccine/Pneumonia Vaccine
Travel vaccines (inquire at office) 
Cervical Screening/ HPV testing
Childhood vaccinations
Wound care
Diabetic screening
Covid Antibody testing subject to patient review and appropriate screening (MUST be asymptomatic)
Health Promotion
Antenatal/Post natal Care
Ultrasound depending on procedure, inquire at 0238878181